1st Ravno selo film festival will begin at the end of June.


Lazar Ristovski organizes film festival dedicated to the debut films and the youth.

A year ago, in Ravno selo, in Vojvodina, the Cultural Center burnt down. The Serbian actor and producer, Lazar Ristovski who is born here, decided at the premiere of his movie , The Train Drivers Diary  which was held in ruins of the Center in 2016, to take the initiative to rebuild the entire place. The idea and the purpose of rebuilding have turned into  the organization of the first film festival dedicated to the young and debut films.  Afterwards 1st Ravno selo film festival is scheduled for 24th June and will last for three days.,

Ravno selo is my childhood and the one who forgets his  childhood doesn’t exist in the future neither. I wish for the youth from Ravno selo and the region to have a better future. With this festival we will open the door to that future. – said Ristovski regarding the idea to organize this festival.

Ravno selo is a village in the municipality of Vrbas, in the South Backa district, with a population of about 3500 people, including many young.  One of the goals of the festival is to revive film as a piece of art  and thoughts especially in this place whose residents crave this type of manifestation.  . On the other side, the goal is also to educate and motivate the youth to engage themselves in cinematography which will enrich their experience as spectators and increase their artistic growth.

The festival is dedicated to the youth of my village, to the neighbors from the adjacent villages and to everyone who will become a part of it in the future.. This festival will also confirm the fact that the culture isn’t solely located or consummated in the big cities since the smaller communities are often talent nursery area from all fields, including culture. I do all of this as a volunteer and this symbolize great love, added Ristovski.

This year Ravno selo film festival will gather young professionals and high school students, most likely future students interested in film.

During the three day manifestation, 5 representative debut films from the region will be presented in the main program.

During this period in Ravno selo, they will participate in the workshops which have the aim to provide to the future students possibilities and processes of studying one of the programs at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

This year, the host faculty will be the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Belgrade and the guest faculty will be The Academy of Dramatic Arts from Zagreb. Student s from both faculties will have their films’ projections. Also, professors as well as students from the Academy Zagreb will attend the festival.

The idea was supported by the  Provincial Secretariat for culture of Vojvodina,  Local community of Ravno selo, Ministry of Culture and Information of  Serbia Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade., NIS, Merkur, Voda Voda, Zvonko Bogdan Winery.