Ravno Selo film festival of the first and second film

The Ravno Selo Film Festival is oriented towards young people and serves as a debut festival for directors making their first or second film. It is traditionally open with a film music concert. This year, in addition to the main program of six films chosen by Dragan Jelicic, two of which are world premieres, and the student film program of two academies, the festival introduced a third selection called “Short 100 minutes,” which screened documentaries that drew a lot of attention from critics and the public in the previous period, chosen by program selector Igor Toholj.

Every year, with the help of young actress Lora Đurović and director Goran Nikolić, we host a film workshop for high school students from the area, within which there is a special screening of films titled “Filmic” – Novi Sad Youth Film Review.


Jury Members

Svetozar Cvetković (President)
/Actor and Producer/

Staša Koprivica
/Director and Screenwriter/

Vuk Ršumović
/Director and Screenwriter/

Audience Jury

Maja Maraš (President)
/president of the Organizing Committee of Ravno Selo/

Tijana Aleksić
/Deputy Mayor of Vrbas Municipality/

Marija Bognar

President of the one-member jury -
Documentary program of short 100 minutes

President of the one-member selection jury -
Student film

President of the one-member jury -
Documentary program of short 100 minutes

Dejan Petrović
/Director and Producer/

President of the one-member selection jury -
Student film

Nevena Matović

Dejan Petrović
/Director and Producer/

Nevena Matović


Ravno Selo

Ravno Selo is a typical village in the Bačka region; it is the furthest village from the municipal center of Vrbas, although it is well connected to the western parts of Bačka, and the Republic of Croatia. It is situated between Kulpin and Zmajevo, or as the editor of the Bačka County monograph, Samu Borovski, would say, “Stare Šove (which was the name of the village until 1946), sits in the Novi Sad region, between Kulpin and Stari Ker (Zmajevo). According to legend, the village was founded in the 15th century and the first recorded documents about the settlement date from 1484 and 1502.

Egeriš Idečkij, a Hungarian nobleman, was one of the area’s proprietors, and the river Jegrička, which runs through the village, was named after him.

Sponsors and supporters

Special thanks

Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia
Government of Vojvodina
Cultural secretariat of Vojvodina
Municipality of Vrbas
RTV Vojvodina
Cultural center Vrbas
Center for Physical Culture, Vrbas
Elementary school Branko Radičević, Ravno Selo
Utility company Komunalac
Women’s rights association
Cultural Artistic society, Šove
Etno group Avaz
KUD Zavičajno vrelo, Kucura
Cultural Artistic society Zavičajno vrelo, Kucura
Cultural Artistic society Žetva, Kucura
To all the people from Ravno Selo, to the youth and artists!

Festival team

Founder | Lazar Ristovski
Festival director | Petar Ristovski
Art director | Marko Čkonjević
Executive producer | Iva Čolić i Vuk Jevtović
Guest selector main program | Dragan Jeličić
Guest selector documentary program | Igor Toholj
Technical director | Jovan Ristovski
Editor | Mišo Ždinjak
Film workshop Mentor | Lora Đurović
Designer | Jelena Mrkić

DCP service | Petar Madžić
Sound design | Sreten Kovačević
PR and socal networks | ProPR (Jasmina Krstić-Latinović, Ana Dimitrijević i Cvijeta Radović)
Prizes and plaques | Petar Đurić
Festival hosts | Aleksandar Teofanov, Bogdan Krčmar, Miljan Maraš,Tijana Aleksić i Sanja Žigić
Organizing Committee of RS | Vuk Jevtović, Nebojša Dešić, Bojana Puzigaća,Valentina Marić
Finance director | Jelica Rosandić

Festival news