Ravno Selo FF
Ravno Selo
Film Festival

June 24th -26th 2017
Ravno Selo, Vojvodina

A word from the founder

A year ago, in my home village, Ravno selo ,The Cultural Center burnt down.

At the premiere of my movie, Train Driver’s Diary which was held in ruins of the Cultural Center, in July 2016, I decided to take the initiative to rebuild the Cultural Center.
The idea and the purpose of rebuilding turned into the organization of the first film festival.

Ravno selo is my childhood and the one who forgets his childhood doesn’t exist in the future, neither.I wish for the youth from Ravno selo and the region to have a better future. With this festival we will open the door to that future.

The festival is dedicated to the youth of my village, to the neighbors from the adjacent villages and to everyone who will participate in it whether as a performer or as an audience. This festival will also confirm the fact that the culture isn’t solely located or consummated in the big cities since the smaller communities are often talent nursery area from all fields, including culture. I do all of this as a volunteer and this symbolize great love. I have it. For the film as well as for my neighbors from Ravno selo and nearby villages.

Festival Programme

Saturday 24th June 2017

13:00 - 15:00FDA students’ films

16:00FDA Film lectures How to watch a film? Lecturer ,professor Miloš Pavlović

20:30opening ceremony –live on RTV

21:30The black pin ,Montengro, directed by Ivan Marinović (100’)

23:15Our everyday life ,Bosnia and Hercegovina, directed by Ines Tanović (89’)

01:00Opening party

Saturday 25th June 2017

13:00 - 15:00ADA (Zagreb) students’ films

16:00Film lectures: Acting: lecturer Mirjana Karanovic

20:30A good wife , Serbia, directed by Mirjana Karanović (90’)

22:00Trampolin, Croatia, directed by Zrinka Matijević (74’)


Monday 26th June 2017

13:00 - 15:00FDA students’ films

16:00FDA Film lectures : How to be a creative producer, lecturer Visnja Nikitin

20:30Closing ceremony

20:45O The Liberation of Skopje Macedonia, directed by Danilo and Rade Šerbedžija (110’)

22:45Closing party

* The film music will be performed in the music part of the festival opening . Olivera Katrina will sing Djelem, djelem along with tamburica ensemble from Deronja, the village where ‘’ I even met happy gypsies’’ was filmed. Bane from Garavi sokak will perform Tango Argentino from the same Goran Paskaljevic’s film. Tanja Banjanin will perform the song from Stole Popov’s movie, Gypsy magic and at the end Lazar Ristovski accompanied by Ekrem Mamutovic’s trumpeters will sing Mesečina (Moonlight) from Emir Kusturica’s film Underground.


About festival

Ravno selo film festival is the debut film festival which will be held On Saturday 24th June until Monday 26th June 2017.

This year Ravno selo film festival will gather young professionals and high school students, most likely future students interested in film.

During the three day manifestation, 5 representative debut films from the region will be presented in the main program.

This year, the host faculty will be the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Belgrade and the guest faculty will be The Academy of Dramatic Arts from Zagreb. The professors and students from both faculties will participate actively at the festival.

The students’ films will be presented at the workshops.

One of the goals of the festival is to create a closer union and approach between film and filmmakers and the young people. On the other side, the goal is also to educate and motivate the youth to engage themselves in cinematography which will enrich their experience as spectators and increase their artistic growth, as was stated in Zillion film, Lazar Ristovski ’s production company which is also the organizer of the festival.

The idea of the new festival was supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, Local community of Ravno selo, Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

Ravno selo is a village in the municipality of Vrbas, in the South Backa district, with a population of about 3500 people, including many young.

Application for film lectures

Film lectures are oriented to introduce the youth with the professions of the directors, producers and actors and are also aimed to clarify and explain thoroughly the possibilities of studying one of the undergraduate programs at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, such as Film and TV directing, Film and TV Production or Acting. The film lectures will be taught by Milos Pavlovic director and professor; Visnja Niktin, producer of students’ films and Mirjana Karanovic , Serbian actress and the guest of honor of the festival.

Saturday 24th June 2017 Sunday 25th June 2017 Monday 26th June 2017

Film Lectures, Saturday 24th June 2017,Primary School Branko Radicevic

How to watch a film?

Lectures about watching a film.
Most of the young, talented people who want to be a part of the film industry think that the professionals watch and estimate the film in some more skillful and proficient way in comparison to the regular audience. We will talk about the tendency to liberate the spectators from the assumption that film is supposed to be watched by someone else’s eyes but their own. To be involved in the film making, either in theory or in practice gives various aspects of watching but the first and basic impression of a naïve and unpoisoned spectator should not be underestimated nor diminished in any way. If we want to be involved in filmmaking then we have to learn to recognize everything that occurs in ourselves while watching a film and be able to define it clearly.
Lecturer, director and professor Miloš Pavlović with a help of the students from the Film and TV directing studies, FDA Belgrade

Film Lectures, Sunday 25th June 2017 Primary school Branko Radicevic

Film lectures about acting

Guest lecturer, Mirjana Karanovic

Film lectures,Monday 26th June 2017, Primary school Branko Radicevic

Obstacle is an advantage.

Film lecturers about the production or in other words, about the process of making a film. What is production? Which role has a producer within a team? Why is he important to make one project effectively accomplished from the beginning till the end? What is the role of a creative producer? The one that always seeks the way. The producer must find new methods and technique to overcome the obstacles and to turn them into his own advantages. Creative producer must have a high level of active will and desire because it is the only indicator of his own talent. The more talent is present in the project the less means are necessary for its realization.
Presentation of the students’ programme within FTV production at the FDA in Belgrade.
Lecturer, producer Visnja Nikitin and the students of FTV production programme from the FDA in Belgrade

Application for film lectures

Select which lessons you want to attend:




Festival Team

Founder: Lazar Ristovski

Producer and Art director: Petar Ristovski

Festival director: Nada Savić

Executive producer: Višnja Nikitin

Main organizer: Ivana Todorović

Music program organizer: Jovan Ristovski

Chronicler of Ravno selo: Vladimir Kaljević

Assistant of the organizer: Iva Čolić

PR: Tatjana Kovač

Social media manager: Katarina Stojanović

Hosts of the festival: Zarija Lazоvić i Maja Maraš

Technical supervision: Dragan Bešović

Location manager: Jelena Dević

Ravno selo film festival
Zillion film
Pančevačka 6, 11000 Beograd

Phone: +381 11 303 55 45

Cell phone: +381 65 6190 164
E-mail: info@ravnoseloff.com
PR: press@ravnoseloff.com (Tatjana Kovač)
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