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A word from the founder

Three years ago, in my village of Ravno Selo, the Culture Center was burnt down.
At the premiere of my film ‘’Train Driver's Diary’’, which was held on the ruins of the Center in July 2016, I decided to launch an initiative to rebuild the Culture Center. The idea and the intention of the reconstruction have led to оrganizing the first film festival. RSFF (Ravno Selo Film Festival). Ravno Selo is my childhood place, and anyone who forgets his childhood, does not exist in the future. I want young people from Ravno Selo and the region to have a better future. We will open the door of that future with this festival.

The festival is dedicated to young people. To the youth of my village, the neighboring villages and everyone who will participate in it in the future, either as actors, or as spectators. The festival will confirm the fact that culture is not found and consumed only in big cities, because smaller environments are often fertile soil for various talents, including talents in culture field. I do this voluntarily, which translates into a lot of love. And I do have that love both for the film, and for my people from Ravno Selo and the neighboring villages.

Lazar Ristovski, June 2019

This RSFF is the third in a row, and we are looking forward to meeting you again with great joy. I think of the audience, but also of young authors, who will present their first feature-length films, and students of two film schools, both Serbian and Chinese. I am especially glad that this year's workshops will be attended by young filmmakers, winners of regional competitions, because there is a film future ahead of them. We make that future possible with this festival. The main project in reconstruction of the Center is finished and furthermore, we will obtain the building permit before the beginning of the festival.

This year's face in the focus of the festival is young and, of course, in the focus of the ilm event is an actor…

Welcome ... Welcome all our dear guests to the third RSFF!"

Lazar Ristovski, founder of the festival

The time in which we live is woven of the rules that we have made up and agreed upon. When I turn around and look at what kind of time we live in, I can see that we have accepted to live in difficult times. It's as if, while creating the rules for our time, we were solely guided by the famous saying of Benjamin Franklin: "Time is money" and that we have completely forgotten his more famous saying: ‘’Those who would give up their liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’’ The purpose of art is to talk about time, and artists are infantry who, in the name of art, struggle to propagate it as far as possible. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to conscientiously heal, and artists must have their own, universal oath, that they will be taking every day within themselves, in their hearts. They must repeat themselves that they will resist plagues that time brings. That they will use every opportunity to speak about injustice, illogicalities, lies, freedom, love. They must use every opportunity to speak out the truth. We are reminded of this by the fates of artists who have sacrificed their freedom and life for speaking out the freedom. I would like to thank them for that.

Art is considered to be something that belongs to a particular class, as something that is harmless and passive, as something that is pleasant, almost as pleasant as choosing the coffee cups in a shop. However, we will not allow them to do that. Art is not beautiful! Art is magnificent in all its power to disarm us and break our foam balloon in which we thought we placed our things and thought we could live a happily- ever after life outside this world.

Long live love!
Long live freedom!
Long live art!

See you.
Best regards,

Milan Marić

We have great many festivals but not many of them with a mission. The mission is what makes actual life different from mere living a life, it gives the purpose and meaning to our

Apart from its goal to renew the Cultural center, has a mission to support young people and talent. This mission can be clearly seen through the idea to support the debutants in its main program and the continuous work with the young people through various workshops.

The festival is dedicated to youth and talent and therefore, naturally, has a clear focus on student films and film academies in the country and the region as well. Numerous workshops, with the extraordinary artists who pass their knowledge and experience to the young who are interested in films, are there to prove it. The amateur school films, student films, debutant feature films can be seen in our festival. We teach young people that film is a collective art which cherishes uniqueness and individualism. We learn from them just as much as they learn from us. This is why a windmill in our poster- it spreads our film stories around the world with the help of the wind.

Our festival has realized that young people have been prepared for life. They do not live in our world; we live in theirs. A global world, where borders are just bureaucracy leftovers. Ravno selo film festival, does not care for borders or boundaries, it cares only for the young people who mindful of what kind of world are we leaving for them.
Welcome to Ravno selo, our small but great festival!

Marko Čkonjević

This is the third year of metamorphosis for Ravno selo, in the last days of June, to turn from a agricultural village into an exotic cultural space where the great number of different authors from various countries and Serbia itself gather to celebrate the glory of the film, as 7 th art.

Ravno selo Film Festival has a goal to inspire every man through the friendship between the authors and their films. To welcome their wish to change the hopes into possibilities. It is our hope now that this friendship could turn into a love story between the film and the village, between the agriculture and film culture.

Ravno selo film festival brings the artist back to village, helping him to catch the slower rhythm of the country life and life in the city and enter into village film meditation. It gives him the rare chance (during the year) to turn towards itself and get motivation for the new artistic works. We are in favour of the young people who are going to become unique film makers. We cherish their
curiosity in the way they watch and make films. This festival is the clash of urban and country life and in that clash the feelings of freedom and independence set free. It gives strength to the creative youth’s identity which will soon go against their own reality.

I am aware that Ravno selo Cultural centre helped my father grow up while watching Russian fairytales and spaghetti western with Giuliano Gemmain in the sadle.The cultural centre of Ravno selo is the foundation of my father’s education and his cultural spirit. He passed that on me, together with the responsibility to carry on. When the cultural centre is finished, we will make a longer festival, with much more films. Our goal is to have, in the next few years, a summer film academy, which will bring together numerous young artists in film industry from all parts of Serbia.

Petar Ristovski

Do you remember how our school friends used to go to their grandparents’ house in the countryside? Now that we have grown-up, we go to watch movies at our friends’ houses.
Instead of dwelling houses, ranches and farmsteads, Lazar Ristovski and his family bestowed a small international festival on their village of Ravno Selo, and Lazar is on his way to restore the destroyed Cultural center, showing the dedication to his birthplace and moreover helping the sociocultural life of the village.

Apart from the inhabitants of Ravno Selo, father Veselin, local self-government, republic, province and sponsors, this noble goal is also supported by Belgrade citizens. Last year, one of them was the guest selector who had the idea to do a single, one year,
festival. However, here he is again, having five selected films in his bag, which means he declared himself as a friend of this growing festival.

Ivan Karl

About festival

The program of short youth film, which will take place in the hall of Primary school "Branko Radičević", will feature student films of two academies. The host of this program is the Academy of Arts from Novi Sad, and this year's guests will be their comrades from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje. The best film according to the jury's rating will be awarded with the plaque Golden Clip for a young author.
The same program will feature short school films presented at the High School Film Revue "Filmić" from Novi Sad.
The program of film workshops brings two great mentors to Ravno Selo this year. Our famous costume designer Boris Čakširan will hold a workshop on the costume, and the workshop will be accompanied by the exhibition of costumes from his recent work (King Peter the First, I Defended Young Bosnia, Prince Rastko, etc.). Danish actress of Serbian origin, Marijana Janković, will present her short film "Maja", thanks to which she won at this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and after that she will talk with young authors gathered at the workshop.

Lazar Ristovski is the founder of the festival, whose main organizer is the production company Zillion film. The festival was supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, the Local Community of Ravno Selo, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Municipality of Vrbas and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

Ravno Selo FF


Festival Team

Founder: Lazar Ristovski

Art director: Nada Savić

Festival director: Petar Ristovski

Guest selector: Ivan Karl

Executive producer: Višnja Nikitin

Music program organizer: Jovan Ristovski

Chronicler of Ravno selo: Vladimir Kaljević

PR & Social media: Marko Čkonjević , FAME solutions

Hosts of the festival: Zarija Lazоvić i Maja Maraš

Technical supervision: Dragan Bešović

Location manager: Jelena Dević

Ravno selo film festival
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Cell phone: +381 65 6190 164
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