Ravno Selo FF

A word from the founder

A year ago, in my home village, Ravno selo ,The Cultural Center burnt down.
At the premiere of my movie, Train Driver’s Diary which was held in ruins of the Cultural Center, in July 2016, I decided to take the initiative to rebuild the Cultural Center.
The idea and the purpose of rebuilding turned into the organization of the first film festival.

Ravno selo is my childhood and the one who forgets his childhood doesn’t exist in the future, neither.I wish for the youth from Ravno selo and the region to have a better future. With this festival we will open the door to that future.
The festival is dedicated to the youth of my village, to the neighbors from the adjacent villages and to everyone who will participate in it whether as a performer or as an audience. This festival will also confirm the fact that the culture isn’t solely located or consummated in the big cities since the smaller communities are often talent nursery area from all fields, including culture. I do all of this as a volunteer and this symbolize great love. I have it. For the film as well as for my neighbors from Ravno selo and nearby villages.
Lazar Ristovski, Jun 2017

"This is the second edition of RSFF, and we're looking forward to seeing you again with joy. As well the audience and young authors, who will present their first feature films, and students of two film schools, both Serbian and Chinese. I am especially glad that this year's workshops will be attended by young filmmakers, winners of regional competitions, because there is a bright film future ahead of them. We make that future, by improving our festival, possible. We also made progress in the renovation of our Cultural Center and, in the next year, we will be under the roof of our House of culture that burned out in a fire.
Great, world powers will reconcile in Ravno Selo this June. Films come from America, Russia and China. In addition, there are films from countries around the region. RSFF is developing into a very important festival for young creators!
And in the end, for all of us very important, our main and dear guest of the festival, or as it is modernly said - a person in focus ... will be an actor, who slowly acquires a world career and fame. Miloš Biković will open the festival with the Russian film ICE,
and we will see him in the film – BEYOND THE EDGE."

Lazar Ristovski, founder of the festival

The culture is not reserved for the metropolis. On the contrary, authenticity as an inseparable part of culture emanates from a small environment. Intimacy and furtiveness from eyes, looks, estimations, judgments ... it is precisely in that "remote spot" that was born a view of the world that can create. And that is the view of the world unattended by someone else's thoughts. This view of the world is above daily political events, it is as pure as a child, is in love with the game and gazes the clouds. Such is a creative man as well. Honest, unadulterated and loyal to the game. Therefore, I consider that the festival belongs to the countryside more than to the metropolis, because the countryside is a place of birth of purity and genuineness.
Ultimately, the countryside is a place where a man has not yet been so blasphemically separated from nature ... separated at that point that he has perverted his own character, no ... the countryside is still a place where cheeks blush under fresh air, and where the smell of fruit and mowed grass is a holiday that one can afford every day. The countryside is a place where a human is a crown of nature.
The lack of culture begins and ends with a lack of sincerity. When plastic people, artificial relationships, false idols, and irrelevant priorities begin to pullulate ... one is exposed to empty stories and other people's floscules ... A man in the countryside is in close contact with nature ... it is simply harder for him to be dishonest .. and, therefore, it sounds paradoxical, but ... this man is closer to culture. Perhaps he is not closer to cultural education and content (because it is mainly concentrated in cities), but is for sure closer to a deep understanding and an instinctive intellection.
The source of life is in the countryside. And that's why ... precisely ... it will be my honor and pleasure to see you at the Ravno Selo Film Festival.

Proud to be here!

Miloš Biković, special guest of the 2 nd Ravno selo film festival

I am currently directing my first feature film "King Peter the First - in the glory of Serbia"!
I know how exciting it is to be a debutant. This is only now, for the first time and never again.
That's why, as the director of the first and second film festival, I share my excitement with everyone who came to the festival as authors.
This is a youth festival in all categories. Starting with amateurs who made their films by phone, to professionals who were given the chance to work on feature-length films.
I wish you a warm welcome to our second Ravno Selo Film Festival.

Petar Ristovski, festival director

As a film lover from a young age, I have the great pleasure to participate in this humane and successful project. Our focus is from the very beginning on young authors - debutants, but this year we decided to follow the process of growing up and all stages in the maturation of a young cinephile. Our programs include film workshops in which we educate young people interested in film, mostly high school students, we present their amateur school films, student films and, finally, feature-length debut films. On film lectures they have the opportunity to hear the advices and experiences of our renowned film authors, actors and producers.
The Ravno Selo film festival is indeed becoming a nursery of talents and film stories, which we hope to grow from year to year.
As this year is the year of cultural heritage in Europe, our visual identity this year is based on the connection as a symbol of the countryside and cultural heritage that has been left in the testament, and our natives will show through the numerous
accompanying activities that their village is alive and that the talents of young and adult people today keep blooming in this sumptuous, serene environment as Ravno Selo is.

Nada Savić, artistic director

The creation of the festival is influenced by several factors. However, the future is crucially influenced by one. The commitment. I noticed this few months ago, for how long I have been a part of the crew which Lazar Ristovski gathered last year with a noble idea to make a breathing space in a small place in the Vojvodina plain and invigorate its pulse of culture. Ravno selo is a successful, atypical film review, a contour deprived of big competitions, rules, pretensions and expectations. This is a carnival view of the film, with emotions in addition.
The program is tailor-made. The work of Miloš Biković, currently the most engaged actor of younger generations on the international scene, is essentially represented in two Russian films, one debutant movie from Macedonia, Montenegro and the host country. For the audience, organizers and guests.

Ivan Karl, guest selector

About festival

The second edition of the Ravno Selo film festival will be held in the period from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2018. during the 3 festival days, at three locations in Ravno Selo, Vojvodina. This year’s festival will, like the previous one, be a debut film festival, youth film and film music festival, dedicated primarily to young people from this area. Similar to the last festival, this year’s festival will continue to encourage young people to learn, study and create new artwork in the field of cinematography. The new program, film workshops, will enable young people from all over Serbia to shoot their short films during the festival, which will thematically complete inside the program itself and be premiered on the night of the Closing ceremony.

The Debut Feature film program will be performed in the evening hours under the stars, behind the Cultural Center Ravno Selo, and will feature 5 debut films, 3 from the countries of the region and 2 films of the guest country - Russia. These films will be debuts, the first or the seconds film of the directors, which will be able to compete for cash prize of 1000€: Golden Corn for the Best film – by the audience choice and the Golden Corn for the Best Director and the cash award in the amount of 1500€, by the choice of the professional jury of our distinguished artists, film music composers, directors and actors.

The short, youth film program will be held at the primary school "Branko Radičević" in Ravno Selo during the 4 festival days and will show short student films. The host of this program is the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Belgrade, and this year’s guests will be the representatives of the project entitled Looking China. During the festival, this program will feature student films shot by the Serbian students from Serbia or from China, after which they will personally present their experiences and motives for dealing with the seventh art in hope to inspire a new generation. The best film according to the jury of the public will be awarded with a Gold Corn for a young author. In the same programe we will present 12 short high school films from the Filmić, highschool film festival from Novi Sad.

The Film Workshop program will be created on the foundations that were set up last year with the beginning of the Ravno Selo Film Festival, together with high school students, and university students who had the opportunity to get acquainted with film and the guests who brought them closer to their own film experience. With the help of a mentor, 15 young people will film 3 short films on selected topics during the festival and premiere them during the Closing Ceremony on the last evening of the festival. The best of them will be rewarded with the journey to one of the film festivals in the region.

,,One of the festival goals is to create a closer union and approach between film and filmmakers and the young people. In addition to this, the goal is to educate and motivate the youth to engage themselves in cinematography which will enrich their experience as spectators and increase their artistic growth’’, which was stated in Zillion film, Lazar Ristovski ’s production company which is also the organizer of the festival.

The idea of the new festival was supported by the Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, Local community of Ravno selo, Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.
Ravno selo is a village in the municipality of Vrbas, in the South Backa district, with a population of about 3500 people, including many young persons.




Festival Team

Founder: Lazar Ristovski

Art director: Nada Savić

Festival director: Petar Ristovski

Guest selector: Ivan Karl

Executive producer: Višnja Nikitin

Music program organizer: Jovan Ristovski

Chronicler of Ravno selo: Vladimir Kaljević





PR & Social media: Marko Čkonjević , FAME solutions

Hosts of the festival: Zarija Lazоvić i Maja Maraš

Technical supervision: Dragan Bešović

Location manager: Jelena Dević

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